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Apple will repair your faulty iPhone 12 earpiece for free

by Mary Sewell

Don’t despair if you’re having problems making calls on your iPhone 12 — there might be a free fix for it. 9to5Mac reports Apple has introduced a repair program for a “minimal” number of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro units with faulty earpieces that don’t emit sound during calls. If your phone has this problem and was made between October 2020 and April 2021, Apple and authorized, repair shops will fix the issue at no cost for up to two years after the “first retail sale.”

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Apple blamed the issue on a failure-prone component in the receiver. This program doesn’t cover the iPhone 12 mini or 12 Pro Max, suggesting they use different receiver hardware.

This is the first repair program for the iPhone 12. We wouldn’t expect more given Apple’s generally solid track record with recent iPhones (a minority of iPhone 11 units had unresponsive screens). If nothing else, though, this serves as a reminder to check for programs like this before you assume a repair will prove costly.

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