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Big W selling $40 Friends and Disney-themed Oodies

by Mary Sewell

As the weather gets cooler, nothing sounds more appealing than curling up under a blanket. That’s why Oodies – a hooded cloak – have proved so popular. Still, at more than $100 a pop, they are an expensive investment which fans swear is “the best thing that has ever happened to me” But for those who don’t have the money for an Oodie, Big W is selling a $40 version that’s “flying off shelves” thanks to its fan-themed designs.

For those who aren’t familiar with the appeal of an Oodie, they are a fleece-lined blanket fashioned into an oversized hoodie with a kangaroo pouch at the front and are infamous for comfort.

Big W’s budget version comes in several designs, including two Friends themes featuring Central Perk cafe and the sitcom’s characters, a grey version sporting Mickey Mouse ears, as well as one featuring the Cookie Monster.

“I may have a problem,” one shopper posted to the Big W Mums In Australia Facebook group, showing off her collection of three of the hooded blankets. “I bought myself one of these today, and they are sooo comfortable!” another mum shared in a post. Others said they too had purchased Big W’s version, and they were “so so comfy”, or they were desperate to get their hands on one. “I need to try to find one,” one person wrote.

“Where are you finding them? I need one,” another commented.

“I bought two Friends ones for my granddaughters for Easter. They love them,” one shopper also said.

Big W told news.com.au the store’s oversized hoodies have proved a hit with customers, and it was working hard to restock the popular style. This fun, cozy apparel range has been literally flying off our shelves and selling out across the country,” a spokeswoman said. “Our team is working hard to provide additional options as the cooler months start to set in.”

Kmart’s $29 version sparks TikTok frenzy.

Big W isn’t the only store selling Oodie dupes, with Kmart’s $29 version also hitting stores earlier this year.

In a video posted earlier this month, TikTok user @yaasssminee advised people to give the cheaper version, which comes in a midnight blue, ago.

You’re welcome, save yourself the $$$,” she captioned her video.

“This is your sign to buy a $30 Kmart version of the ‘hoodie,” she wrote over the video.

So worth it! Sooo cozy.

Don’t forget about your feet either – Target is selling a $20 pair of “microwavable slippers” which can reportedly “relieve aches and pains” and even provide “temporary relief from sprains and bruises”. The slippers should only be heated for 45 seconds in a 500-750 watt microwave or 30 seconds in a 750-1000 watt microwave.

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