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Brown Suede Saint Laurent ‘Opyum’ Sandals

by Mary Sewell

Brown tones have been trending! Chocolate, mocha, hazel, you name it! Perfect for the Fall, match with beige and orange tones for a warm seasonal look. Pumpkin spice, anyone?

The Saint Laurent legendary Opyum sandals made with YSL logo heels are iconic. Available in a wide variety of colors and materials, it is no wonder why these barely-there sandals are so popular. Not to mention, the design is versatile to rock with most outfits. These heels are the epitome of simple elegance in shoe form.

IMG 6777

Whether it’s date night, girls night or just because, these sandals got you.

Check out some of our other fav styles below. Priced between $995 – $1,100+ depending on the materials used. Which would you splurge on?

IMG 6771
IMG 6772
IMG 6773
IMG 6776
IMG 6775
IMG 6774

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