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Covid-safe QR code check-in app provides unmatched insight

by Mary Sewell

As Aussies have grown accustomed to checking into venues every time they leave the house, digitally stored records of their daily activities have left some feeling reflective.

Easy access to such detailed information has left many convinced the data stored on state government covid-safe apps can offer unmatched insight into someone’s personality.

The topic surfaced online this week after a Canberra local shared a list of venues he checked into recently, acknowledging it was evidence of his current less-than-glamorous lifestyle.

On Saturday, his day began with a stop at Chemist Warehouse at 12.21pm, and four minutes later, he entered Big W before stopping in at Guzman y Gomez at 12.34pm.

After being slightly held up waiting for his Mexican takeaway, he finished his day’s outing with a visit to Dollar Choice at 1.04pm.

He jokingly suggested that others “review your history and reflect on current cultural rewards life has to offer at the moment”.

“I really hope someone else’s check-in activity tells a better story. If I got a call from contact tracer, I’d want to report much more glamorous activity,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Someone said they were impressed he managed to visit three shops in just 13 minutes, and he jokingly responded it was his best defense against the virus.

Others were quick to chime in with their own check-in histories, collectively enjoying how mundane their day-to-day activities seemed when compiled into a list.

One woman shared her history, which showed she had visited nowhere other than the Urban Bean Woden cafe nine times in five days.

Another woman offered a slightly more exciting list of check-ins, including a trip to a games store, juice shop, nail salon, hotel, restaurant, and brewery.

However, she conceded her joyful day was not a regular occurrence and was busy with fun activities because she was on a “staycation”.

Someone else shared a screenshot of their record with a series of laughing emojis, revealing a trip to Woolworths before a taxi ride, a visit to a strip club, and another taxi ride.

They also stopped in at Supercheap Auto, Coles, and a primary school.

A seemingly studious woman shared her history of nothing other than a massive list of bus trips and university building check-ins and one trip to a coffee shop.

Someone else joked they “won” because a doughnut shop was among the establishments they had visited recently.

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