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Deer spotted in Melbourne street during lockdown

by Mary Sewell

While Greater Melbourne residents remain under lockdown conditions, a rogue deer has been spotted roaming the streets.

Fitzroy resident Rosie Burke took to Twitter to share a video of the animal running along an empty city street in Fitzroy.

“Deer on the loose in Fitzroy,” she posted.

The woman is heard saying “what the hell?” and “oh my god” as she watched the deer gallop across the road and into George St. Another user, @AussieAusborne, also posted photos of the wild animal that was spotted at the corner of Smith St and Johnston St. After animal welfare agencies received multiple calls from bewildered and concerned onlookers, a decision was made to euthanize the animal on Saturday morning.

It was put down by organizations Vets for Compassion.

A Wildlife Victoria spokeswoman said the experience would have been “terribly distressing” for the deer and that they had not ascertained where it had come from.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the deer had not come from the nearby Collingwood Children’s Farm and it may have followed creeks and sections of bushland into the city.

“Deers find their way in from the bush all the time,” he said. “There’s been many a deer found in a metropolitan area.”

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