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Experts: Erosion caused Mexico sinkhole, not water pumping

by Mary Sewell

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They had shut down a water bottling plant in the area earlier because they thought it was hurting water tables. But Mexico’s National Water Commission said the cause of the crater was “a natural process of limestone being dissolved,” which can cause the soil on top to collapse. It said water table levels were stable, and the aquifer was not over-exploited.

There is no evidence that the cause of the sinkhole was water extraction,” the commission said.

In June, Puebla Gov. Miguel Barbosa said that if water extraction proved to be the culprit, he would cancel any pumping permits. The bottom of the sinkhole is filled with water that appears to have strong currents, and experts say it is relatively warm, suggesting it comes from deep underground. In some places, the sinkhole is now over 400 feet (125 meters) across and may be 150 deep (45 meters) at its deepest point. It is hard to tell because water fills much of the crater.

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