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Marathon runner Nedd Brockmann’s new secret training weapon

by Mary Sewell

He ran 50 marathons last year to raise money for charity, and now full-time tradie Nedd Brockmann is set to do it again — with his new secret weapon.

more than 42km of pavement pounding, and that’s more than plenty of people would run over an entire year. I want you to keep those numbers in mind when I tell you what Nedd Brockmann pulled off

in 2020. The full-time tradie ran 50 marathons last year to raise money for charity. What’s more, he ran one a day for 50 days. That’s more than 2100km total, by the way, or like running from Sydney to Brisbane and

back again, and then knocking off a few laps of the city just to finish off.

And now he’s at it again, this time promising to run from Perth to Sydney in less than 40

days, covering more than 100km every single day — more than double what was required

for last year’s challenge.

But this time, he’s got a secret weapon — sleep.

“During my 50-marathon campaign in late 2020, I didn’t believe sleep was an important part

of recovery. I thought the body would just keep on keeping on,” he says.

“Once I took a step back, I realized my deepest form of recovery was during those eight

hours of shut-eye each night. I went from sleeping a maximum of four hours a night to a minimum of seven.

“Sleep is the most important part of my training schedule now, and I’m much happier for it.”

Brockmann has learned one other key lesson during these fantastic feats of endurance, and it’s one it would pay for all of us to keep in mind. And that is, if we treat our bodies right, they will treat us right in return.

“I haven’t been great to my body over the past couple of years. I’ve put it through a lot in

terms of physical challenges, but it seems to come out the other side okay,” he says.

“The human body is the most resilient machine ever made, so if you feel it right and utilize

your sleep and get adequate rest, then it will allow you to keep pushing on.

“If you don’t, it will shut down and won’t perform the way you want it to.”

Nedd Brockmann on….

Clearing your mind

“When life gets a little hectic, we can all sometimes get in our own head. I like to take a step

back when I’m feeling a little flustered and say out loud three things I’m grateful for. This

allows me to put things into perspective and realize that everything is going to be all right.”

The effectiveness of early starts

“In training mode for a big event, my morning ritual for a month or so prior consists of

jumping straight into the shower while the kettle is boiling. If I’m setting out for a long run

I’ll have to eat about half an hour before leaving, which sometimes means a 4am fridge

snack and a toilet stop, so nature doesn’t call on the run.”

Not sweating the small stuff.

“I would like to continue on the path of trying to be a good person and not getting caught

up in the outcome and rather enjoying the process of what I’m trying to achieve.”

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