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Oz Lotto jackpots to $2m tonight, draw details, winning numbers

by Mary Sewell

Aussies can score a cool $2 million with Oz Lotto’s division one prize for Tuesday night’s draw.

So far this year, seven division one winning entries have taken home more than $115 million in Oz Lotto prize money – three entries each from Victoria and Western Australia and one from the Northern Territory.

The Lott’s Matt Hart said Oz Lotto had created four millionaires so far this month.

“Two players from Victoria and two players from Western Australia have all enjoyed Oz Lotto wins of $5 million in recent weeks. Could we see Oz Lotto create another May multi-millionaire with this week’s draw?” he said.

“Making plans for your $2 million Oz Lotto prize would be a great way to heat up the winter months ahead.

“While Victoria and Western Australia have enjoyed the lion’s share of Oz Lotto division one wins so far in 2021, who knows where in Australia our next winner will be herald from.”

The winning numbers are: 36, 39, 28, 12, 22, 15, 31 | Supps: 38, 1

An Endeavour Hills woman who has been through a tough time in recent weeks said at the time that her $5.6 million Oz Lotto win helped bring light back into her life.

The Victorian held the only division one winning entry nationally in Oz Lotto draw last week. She took home a division one prize of $5.6 million and said she could not stop crying on hearing the news.

“I can’t even hold the phone right now. I can’t stop shaking. Sorry, I am all over the place right now,” she said.

“I’ve had quite a tough time lately, so this just adds some light to my life. I am so emotional. I need to hang up this phone and just break it down. This is incredible.” The last time a $2 Million Oz Lotto prize was won was in November 2020, when a South Australian took home the entire prize. In 2020, there was 24 division one winning Oz Lotto entries across Australia, collectively winning more than $234 million.

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