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popular kids’ hangout or a true asset for brands’ community building?

by Mary Sewell

30-second summary:

  • Find out how Clubhouse differentiates itself within the sea of social media apps
  • The clubhouse has turned its voice-only design from a potential constraint into its key strength
  • Users can multi-task while staying on the platform as background chatter (like in a coffee shop!)
  • Because the app is so new and fresh, it took some time, but many brands are now using Clubhouse
  • Wherever there are influencers, advertisers aren’t far behind
  • Just this week, Clubhouse announced a new monetization feature, Clubhouse Payments, as “the first of many features that allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse.”
  • Now might be an excellent time to consider building an online community to add value and deepen the connection with your audience; here’s how

The clubhouse is the latest entrant into the ring of popular social media apps. The pandemic fast-tracked broader usage, and many A-list celebrities have adopted the platform pivoting it into a more mainstream space and conversation. The clubhouse is an audio-only network that has become a disruptor to more mainstream social media channels and has provided a breath of fresh air and a much-needed distraction for those of us suffering from video and zoom fatigue.

It’s a welcome change for many of us as the app is built on a voice-led, live concept and hosts conversations around very impromptu and diverse topics. The topics vary, and the app is still limited; however, as more people get invited, a broader array of lifestyle and societal conversations will continue to blend into the feeds.

Clubhouse exclusivity: pro or con?

The MAJOR problem with the app is that the allure still is around its exclusivity.  You can’t join unless you’re invited (and using an iPhone), and for many who have heard of Clubhouse but haven’t joined or been invited, it’s a big problem for significant expansion.

The “voice only” advantage

One notable differentiator for Clubhouse is that it’s managed to turn its voice-only design from a potential constraint into its vital strength. Users can use the app as passive background chatter while doing other work and listening in which is a breath of fresh air for many multi-tasking marketers.

Real-time conversations: the heart of what makes Clubhouse tick

The reason Clubhouse is different and exciting is because it’s synchronous. It’s happening live and never again. If you’re not there, you will miss the conversation forever. Traditional social media channels are asynchronous.  You can access and revisit content and review or engage at any time that works for you and catch up at your own pace.  Rooms can be recorded if permission is granted, but that is seemingly rare as the authenticity of real-time communication and conversation is valuable.

As an excited and relatively new Clubhouse user, I’m trying to figure out the value of the platform for my clients as well as myself.  This got me thinking about how brands can use Clubhouse to build an online community to add value.  The clubhouse is a platform centered firmly on creators, not brands, at least for now. A creator can undoubtedly be a brand leader working on expanding thought leadership and building community or interest for a brand. Still, the conversation is around authenticity and the person within the Club and NOT the bigger brand.

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