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by Mary Sewell

On Wednesday, TCL unveiled several replacement-level midrange phones, but we’re going to focus solely on its latest prototype. Dubbed the Fold ‘n Roll, it combines two mobile technologies that no one has figured out how to use very well.

TCL Fold n' Roll

The Fold ‘n Roll starts off as a reasonably conventional-looking smartphone with a 6.87-inch display, but it unfolds Mate X-style into a small, squarish tablet with a screen that measures 8.85 inches diagonally. Then that screen can roll out even further from its housing, bringing its final size to a full 10 inches.

Is this concept feasible, or even at all necessary? The answer to that is unclear, and since it’s likely to go the way of TCL’s earlier tri-fold tablet prototype, we’ll probably never know.

— Richard Lawler

If you can afford one.


And talking of rollable, two years after its CES debut, LG’s OLED R TV is finally available in the US — or, at least, there’s now an Inquire to Buy button to the OLED R product page for US residents. There’s no mention of US pricing on the website, but in South Korea, it costs 100 million KRW. At the current exchange rate, that’s about $89,000.
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Two years after its experiments began.

For Instagram’s latest test, users in the beta group will have the option to hide like counts from their own posts (so their followers won’t see them) or hide like counts on posts from everyone else (effectively stripping like counts out of the feed entirely). Users can also keep likes appearing commonly, which could respond to the widespread criticism when Instagram briefly and “unintentionally” flipped the feature on for a lot more people last month.
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It also includes some security fixes, so update ASAP.

In March, Google announced Chrome would default to HTTPS starting with version 90, saying it’s the most used protocol, improves privacy and security — wouldn’t want anyone spying on browsing habits without using the built-in FLoC technology to do it — and improves the initial loading speed of sites that support it.  Now version 90 is here, and along with the HTTPS default, it also adds a new AV1 video encoder that could improve the quality of your video conferencing calls.
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