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Organic search opportunities for your local business

by Mary Sewell

30-second summary:

  • Following pandemic-driven shopping trends, lots of local businesses had to explore online marketing opportunities
  • Google offers a few great ways for a local company to get found through organic search
  • Local 3 Pack is Google’s search element containing the top three local companies based on your search query.
  • To rank in the Local 3 Pack, you need to ensure your Google My Business listing is complete and active.
  • Third-party local business listings (like Yelp and Tripadvisor) may also drive some organic search visibility, so it is a good idea to claim your business there.
  • Hyperlocal content may help your business be discovered by people who were not even searching to buy a local product or service, so produce relevant content regularly.

Local marketing has become even a more trending topic, following the pandemic-driven pandemic.

Many local businesses that relied on local foot traffic were forced to turn to the Internet to get found by customers.

That digital transformation brought this massive challenge to just about any local business – how to get found online

Claim your business profile on Google My Business

Google offers immense organic search visibility to local businesses through the so-called Local 3 Pack that shows up on top of organic results when search intent reflects buying (or doing) something locally.

Local 3 pack is Google’s search element that includes three relevant businesses from Google Maps results:

local three packImage source: Screenshot by the author

Ranking your business in the Local 3 Pack is no easy task. It heavily relies on the proximity of those businesses to the customer’s current location.

However, there are a few things you can do to improve your local rankings:

  • Make sure you have a detailed (and original) description of your business and what it is you do.
  • Add your website (often, Google would grab text from the associated website and rank a business based on that content). A few great plugins allow you to embed your local listing onto your website for better visibility.
  • Upload pictures and videos of your office and team
  • Add your products and services (Note: Services are not believed to have a huge (or any) impact on your local rankings, but why not add those anyway)
  • Your business categories. Keep those categories as relevant as you can as they can harm your local rankings

business categoriesImage source: Screenshot by the author

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