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TikTok video shows how to tell if your $50 note is worth $1500

by Mary Sewell

It’s time to check your $50 notes.

A TikTok money expert has revealed that some banknotes are far more valuable than others.

Joel Kandiah from The History of Money said there are a group of rare $50 notes in circulation, and they’re easy to identify.

The Perth-based teacher said you just need to check your notes to see if they have a Glenn Stevens and Martin Lee Parkinson signature combination.

Secondly, they need to have a serial number beginning with AA14 or JC14.

He said any of the notes with these features could be worth between $70 and $1500. The price will depend on their condition. This particular run of notes, made in 2014, was small, and they’ve become valuable because of their scarcity.

In comments on the post, Mr. Kandiah explained collectors were out there willing to pay large amounts for rare coins and banknotes. The market for Coin and Banknote collectors is massive. The legal tender value and its intrinsic value are two different things,” he said. The notes cannot be returned at a local bank — people will need to seek a buyer.

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