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Woolworths Metro stores selling $1 coffees to Aussie customers

by Mary Sewell

When it comes to coffee, it’s safe to say Aussies are willing to pay just about anything to get their morning fix.

For many, getting to wrap your hands around a warm cuppa coffee is easily the best part of the day.

But that experience can now taste a whole lot sweeter knowing you paid just $1 for your satisfying beverage.

If you have been handed what can be described as the “golden ticket” by your local Woolies Metro staffer, then you no longer need to pay $3.50 for a small coffee.

The card entitles you to 10 small coffees for $10 – just $1 each.

“To help Woolworths Metro customers transition back to city offices, we’re offering great value on coffee and selected snacks,” a Woolworths spokesperson told news.com.au.

You can also ask the staff at participating Metros for the promo card, which will help you pocket $12.50 during the working week. But, it’s best to keep in mind that the offer is only available at selected Woolies Metro stores in NSW and Victoria until June 9 – and can’t be placed via the Skip app. It must physically be purchased in-store.

After all, it is a “Return to Work Special”.

For those who enjoy an extra shot, it will cost you an additional 50 cents. But with that being said, it’s still only $1.50 in total. The same goes for syrups and alternative kinds of milk, which are available at an extra charge.

Additionally, we’re offering 10 percent off Good To Go salads and sandwiches, as well as $4 snack pots and $1 croissant or banana pieces of bread with any coffee purchase,” the spokesperson said.

You can also nab the croissant or banana bread with any brew – even the $1 coffee offer.

In other words, you can now have your coffee and croissant for just $2.

Not bad at all.

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